Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Atlantis in Paradise Island Bahamas

The Atlantis in Paradise Island Bahamas
One of the beautiful places that I have been is the Paradise Island in Bahamas. This place is also known as the Hog Island. From Nassau Harbor, it's about $5 for a van ride and about $3 for a boat ride. I prefer the latter because it is exciting to see the beautiful view and it is a pretty safe ride. The Atlantis which is located in Paradise island is truly a grandeur of beauty!

We were inside the Atlantis and it was truly wonderful! There were areas exclusive for Resort Guests and all their amenities are beyond beautiful. Atlantis has extensive water park rides, pools, beach, walk-in-aquarium and more amazing amenities.
The cheapest rates for winter is $244 / night with 2 person occupancy. Expensive huh? Well, their summer special is $226 / night with 2 person occupancy too. Prices vary in which accommodation you booked: Royal Towers, Coral Towers, Beach Tower, The Cove Atlantis, The Reef Atlantis, Harborside Resort, and Suites. The latter is truly a luxurious accommodation. Unbelievable price which fits for a king! Not in my lifetime will I ever can afford!

Try to check out the prices at atlantis.com and though to stay in one of the rooms in Atlantis is in my bucket list, I wouldn't count on that unless I win a billion in Lotto.  
If you want to visit the Bahamas and in no way can't afford to stay in Atlantis, don't worry. There are hotels, bed and breakfast, condos as well as apartments which you can rent for a short or longer accommodation. But, if you want to access all the amenities of Atlantis, better book your stay in this resort.

I took this photo on the bridge while I rode the van going to Paradise island. I was so excited that finally, I will be able to roam inside the Atlantis.