Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Port Lucaya, Bahamas

Port Lucaya is located in the Bahamas. If you are cruising and you are routing to Freeport, Port Lucaya will be your first stop because it has a popular marketplace. My wife and I rode a van and we paid $10 each for both ways. We went to Treasure Bay Casino first and I played the slot machine. Then, we went to the Market Place which is right across the street. There are luxury hotels surrounding the market place and if you have a laptop or an iPad, the hotels are a welcome sight for they have a free Wi-Fi which you can use for last minute browsing. The picture below is part of Port Lucaya Marina.The small marketplace offers dining and shopping. We did not try their local food though. There are gift shops selling souvenir items such as the Bahamian straw hats, Freeport signature caps and beach towels. My wife bought 3 caps with Freeport name on it as her souvenir. We went in to check the amenities at the Westin and Sheraton Hotel and Port Lucaya Resort and Yacht Club. Both hotels are in a good location and very elegant.

There are so many things to do in Port Lucaya. There is gaming and water sports for ocean lovers. They offer Reef Tours, diving as well as snorkeling. This place is the home for dolphin experience. If you are interested to observe the dolphin up close, make a reservation at UNEXSO, the Underwater Explorer's Society. We went back to the Freeport Harbour after 4 hours of exploring the Port Lucaya Marketplace and Port Lucaya Marina.