Thursday, October 27, 2011

Freeport Bahamas

When traveling to the Bahamas you will no doubt visit Freeport. If you arrive by cruise ship you will be 15 or 20 min. from the town.

Not to worry there are many taxi vans ready waiting to take you into town the cost is $10 per person but this is for a round-trip ticket. When you depart they will give you a sticker that you present to the representative at your drop-off point that will entitle you to return at no charge.

You will be dropped off at the casino which is open 24 hours a day from this point you can proceed across the street to a very nice market area where they are many colorful and exotic shops and restaurants. There is also a very nice restaurant inside the casino. From this point you can visit the shops and walk around the Marina. You can book a tour to see the Dolphins or scuba dive at the Marina as there are many boats available for this. Freeport is very nice and friendly place and I'm sure you will have a good time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Sheraton Nassau Bahamas

If you're planning a trip to the Bahamas and are looking for the ideal vacation spot you might want to check out the Sheraton Nassau Beach resort.

This is a unique resort which offers many options such as a casual poolside grill and swim up bar. There are many activities that are available for the children but also has an active nightlife for adults. High-speed Internet is offered. Each room has flat screen TV, walk-in shower's and there is ample room to work on your personalized desk. So for a world-class experience check with your travel agent for more information on this unique hotel.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nassau the Bahamas

I have just recently visited Nassau the capital of the Bahamas. I arrived there on a cruise ship and found the harbor area very friendly and secure.

When you enter the arrival terminal there is a free Wi-Fi zone located in the middle in a small gazebo. I think the Wi-Fi zone extended out quite a ways because I saw many passengers from the cruise ships on their computers throughout the terminal. There were many small shops offering such items as hats, T-shirts, straw baskets all your typical tourist type items.

If you want to explore the island there is no shortage of transportation as you may rent a scooter or hire a taxi right at the port. I took a taxi to the hotel Atlantis the fair was four dollars a person when returning to the port I took the ferry which was only three dollars per person. I enjoyed the marketplaces and beaches and found the people very friendly. So if you get a chance to visit Nassau don't pass it up you will be pleasantly surprised.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic like many islands in the Caribbean offer sugar white sandy beaches small unspoiled villages and swaying palm trees.

But if you are looking for a unique exotic place to live the Dominican Republic offers much more. The island is located about two hours from Miami and four from New York the temperature is about 85° year-round and it is very easy to obtain residency permit here. Real estate varies in price you can find a small Caribbean getaway for about $50,000 if you want to live off the beach about 20 min. or you can live in a large villa three bedrooms three bath and a beautiful swimming pool for between $250,000-$300,000 it just depends on your means and your taste. So if you're planning your retirement and want to get away from it all check out the Dominican Republic I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Great Place to Live

If you are looking for a way to get out of the rat race and want to completely change your life you might consider island living.

There are many great islands in the world you may choose but let me suggest a place that is affordable and you can easily live on a fixed income. The Philippine island has recently been chosen as one of the 20 best islands to live on.

To be granted residency in the Philippine you must deposit at least $20,000 in a Filipino bank. Once this is done you will get a choice of over 7000 island to pick from. It has been estimated that you can live comfortably on $800 a month so if you are on a fixed income from Social Security this would be the ideal place for you. Tropical weather friendly people English is the dominant language what more could you ask for. If you like sandy white beaches, clear blue, water and lush tropical vegetation welcome to paradise. Check it out go online get information on living in paradise.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hard Rock

I have just recently visited the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi Mississippi. I have been there many times and it never disappoints me.

The first thing you want to do when visiting this this casino is go to the players club and get a card is free and will give you many benefits such as free play on the slot machines and great discounts on the evening buffet. Be should to give them your e-mail address and they will send you information on some great concerts booked in the casino. So check with your travel agent for various vacation packages offered by the resort.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Puntacana Resort &Club

This great resort is located only a few minutes from the airport here in the Dominican Republic. It is actually two resorts Tortuga Bay and the Puntacana Hotel.

The Tortuga Bay has 15 designer Villas and eight different types of restaurants that range from elegant French to gourmet pizza. To quench your thirst they also boast five bars. They also offer personal amenities such as hot and cold stone facials. For the golfer their is the beautiful 36 hole golf course. If you are a tennis buff they have 6 designer courts. If you love water sports you will love their wind surfing and scuba diving. If you want to stay on dry land they offer horseback riding and tours onyour very own Segway that sounds like fun. This adventure is reasonable price approximately $120 a night. Go for the gold and book with your travel agent now.

Pueblo Bonita Pacifica Resort & Spa

Pueblo Bonita Las Cabos Mexico is noted as having 350 perfect days how could you beat that? Seems like you are almost guaranteed endless days of sunshine.

This hundred and fifty four room adults only resort boast of a secluded beachfront five world-class restaurants and guarantees to lower your stress level with their Armonia Spa. Another stress leveling feature is there all inclusive pricing which include your hotel room all meals and beverages. Any spa treatments are extra but also reasonably priced. You might want to try a detoxifying steam bath reasonably priced at 90 min. only$130. The resort also offers golf a sport fishing. If you are a person who seeks adventure you might want to go on one of their desert safaris or go whale watching it is all there for you and reasonable price starting at $185 per night. Contact your travel agent for package deals and have fun in the sun

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


If you enjoy the smell of exotic flowers and fresh air that energizes you.Warm waters that will refresh you. Beautiful natural beauty that will take your breath away. There is no place in this world like the Hawaiian island.

Whether you are a new visitor on one that has been there countless times the exotic and mysterious island will capture your imagination and will offer an experience that you will never forget So come and explore your Hawaii islands and enjoy a unique and exotic experience.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Fraud

When traveling through the islands you must always be aware of your surroundings and protect your personal information. Although you are in paradise there are still ripoff artist looking to make a profit.

When leaving on your island vacation make sure you inform your relatives as to where you are going and that you have adequate funds to make the trip as most of it will be prepaid anyway. The reason for this is what we call the grandparent or family fraud.

The person committing the fraud will contact your grandparents or someone in your family and will impersonate a doctor and lawyer are somebody in authority telling them you have met with a misfortune such as an accident or sickness. They will insist that they need emergency funds to remedy the situation and money must be wired immediately.

To prevent this scam always leave a number either your cell or hotel where you can be reached in case of emergency inform your relatives to contact you in case of an emergency. In casual conversation never give out family details or information that can be used to contact your family. Inform your family never to wire any funds anywhere unless they hear directly from you. While traveling through the islands it is a paradise but there also many sharks out there of the humankind.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Isle

On a recent visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast I stay at the Isle hotel and casino. Upon check-in was shown to my room on the fifth floor. After about 5 min. in the room I realized I could not stay there as the air conditioner units on the first floor were so loud you could hear them even with the balcony door shut. Returning to the desk I was assigned another room on the sixth floor the problem with this was I was still only one floor above the air conditioner units so I had the same problem. My third visit to the desk was much more productive as I was assigned another room on the opposite side of the air-conditioner units. I do not blame the staff or the hotel for this problem because I requested a Gulf side view and they were just trying to accommodate me. My third room was very nice on the seventh floor facing the bay which had a great view. The staff was very patient and cordial and went out of their way to make sure I was a satisfied customer.

The hotel and casino was laid out very nice. There is Wi-Fi in every room and in the entire hotel which makes it very convenient for the business traveler and tourist who need to use their computer. The hotel has a very nice buffet reasonably priced they also have smaller restaurants serving pizza and burgers on the first floor. On certain days of the week seniors can get a two for one deal at the buffet. If you happen to be there on your birthday you will have a free buffet. The hotel has a lot of nice touches and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good deal at a reasonable price. So when traveling in the Gulf Coast area have your travel agent or use their website and book a great room at the Isle.