Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Philippines

If you're looking for a place to escape from the stress and problems of the every day world, the island of the Philippines might be the place for you.

The islands are off the beaten path they are a great place to escape from the tourist who descend on Southeast Asia every year. You can find world-class diving and snorkeling, beautiful white sandy beaches some of the friendliest people in the world. There is also no language barrier here as Filipinos speak English . I have not met many that don't. The currency of the Philippines is pesos the American dollar will buy approximately 42 , which is not a bad rate of exchange. So if you're looking for a truly memorable escape from the world check with your travel agent about deals to the Philippine Islands . Once there you may not want to return.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Advanced Formula Capsule

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day In Heaven

While doing research on the Internet I saw a Mother's Day card titled Happy Mother's Day in heaven , I will just quote a few paragraphs because I thought it was very good.

How I'd love to touch your face and talk with you once more to hear your voice and see your smile watch you walk through my door.. What a joy, it would be to have you hold me close and tell me that you love me that's what I miss the most.

Oh Mom , how I love you miss you more and more each day please save a place up there for me . I'll be with you soon one day.

This was just a few stanzas from a poem written by Ginny Bryant title Journey Of Love.

I thought it was very moving and inspirational.Have a happy Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


When you think about Atlantis. The first thing that comes to mind is the island that sank into the sea in one day.

There is also another Atlantis , which is located in the Bahamas. I recently visited Atlantis while on a cruise to the Bahamas. Our ship docked at the port of Nassau . Here, we took a shuttle for about eight dollars to Paradise Island where Atlantis is located . This is truly a paradise there are approximately 2300 rooms to choose from , plus a casino and private beach. There are many amenities to choose from such as a water park, and aquarium, which by the way, is the largest outdoor aquarium in the world. This resort is one of the most spectacular and visited attraction in the Bahamas and has many activities sure to thrill and delight the entire family. So for a vacation that you will long remember check with your travel agent for special deals to the Atlantis hotel and resort you will not regret it.