Friday, August 24, 2012

Antilles Island

It is hurricane season, and while watching the track of the storm the first islands under the threat are the Las Antilles.

The islands are generally considered part of North America .. If you're looking for a unique vacation spot . The hotel Melia located in the Las Antilles will fit the bill. The resort is a paradise with very comfortable accommodation. They have approximately 346 rooms, which have all the amenities, such as satellite TV, air-conditioning , minibar and car rental just to name a few. The hotel as two swimming pool, health center, tennis courts, and saunas. They also have a great buffet and several restaurants to choose from. If you enjoy hiking scuba diving or just walking along the beach you will certainly enjoy the Las Antilles Island.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Port Lucaya, Bahamas

Port Lucaya is located in the Bahamas. If you are cruising and you are routing to Freeport, Port Lucaya will be your first stop because it has a popular marketplace. My wife and I rode a van and we paid $10 each for both ways. We went to Treasure Bay Casino first and I played the slot machine. Then, we went to the Market Place which is right across the street. There are luxury hotels surrounding the market place and if you have a laptop or an iPad, the hotels are a welcome sight for they have a free Wi-Fi which you can use for last minute browsing. The picture below is part of Port Lucaya Marina.The small marketplace offers dining and shopping. We did not try their local food though. There are gift shops selling souvenir items such as the Bahamian straw hats, Freeport signature caps and beach towels. My wife bought 3 caps with Freeport name on it as her souvenir. We went in to check the amenities at the Westin and Sheraton Hotel and Port Lucaya Resort and Yacht Club. Both hotels are in a good location and very elegant.

There are so many things to do in Port Lucaya. There is gaming and water sports for ocean lovers. They offer Reef Tours, diving as well as snorkeling. This place is the home for dolphin experience. If you are interested to observe the dolphin up close, make a reservation at UNEXSO, the Underwater Explorer's Society. We went back to the Freeport Harbour after 4 hours of exploring the Port Lucaya Marketplace and Port Lucaya Marina.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Corrigidor Island

Corrigidor is an island in the Philippines, located at the mouth of Manila Bay in southwestern Luzon. It is the largest island that form the defense for Manila Bay.

During the second world war, the island played an important role during the liberation invasion to take back the Philippines from the Japanese. I remembered my uncle telling me about this Island while he was assigned here. The island was heavily bombarded during the second world war and the ruins of war were left standing to serve as a memorial for the soldiers who lost their lives in this island. It is a very important historical site and is visited by many tourist. There is a huge national cemetery for the Americans that died on this island.

The island today is visited by many World War II veterans because of his history and importance. There are several companies that offer tours on the island featuring military installation that were used during World War II in fact, you can still see many of the bombed out structures as they have not been restored and were left this way to honor the Filipino and American soldiers. Standing on the highest point of the island is the Pacific War Memorial. It was built by the United States to honor the Filipino and American soldiers who participated in World War II.

There is an eternal flame located behind the memorial that symbolizes the freedom for which the soldiers fought and died.

If you want a memorable experience, visit the island of Corregidor in the Philippines. There is a popular hotel called Corregidor Inn and has about 30 rooms and one suite. All rooms are air-conditioned and you may have lunch at the the La Playa restaurant. It has a very nice and relaxing atmosphere.

The Hotel Corregidor is also a fine hotel to stay and their restaurant serves many local dishes which I am sure you will enjoy. Check with your travel agent about historical tours and package deals to the island of Corregidor.

Monday, August 13, 2012

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This week I had to travel to Miami, Florida from Cocoa Beach. On my way back, I decided to take the scenic route on A1A. I was glad that I did for we ended up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is enchanting and we found a beautiful beach with clear blue-green water and sugar white sand. Even though it was getting late in the season, we did find quite a few tourists who were enjoying the beach. The area had the usual amenities such as beach chairs and umbrellas for rent as well as jet skis and paddle boats.We had lunch at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant which was a pleasant experience. We dined in their outdoor patio to enjoy the beach views and sunshine. The food was well prepared and tasty. I tried their spicy shrimp with garlic bread and their special hush puppies. Both were very good and quite affordable. If you are traveling on the scenic route along the coast, be sure to stop at Fort Lauderdale. There are many restaurants and activities to choose from. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The South China Seas

Recently there seems to be turmoil in the South China seas between China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. The reason being oil.

The Chinese government has summoned a senior US diplomat over American criticism of China's decision to set up military garrisons in the South China Sea . This will just help to escalate the disputed waters. The Philippine government recently offered oil and gas contracts to companies that will explore the possibility. Recently, the United States has been inquiring about opening basis in the Philippines Vietnam and even Malaysia. Vietnam once a Chinese ally seem to anger the Chinese after passing a law that places the island of Spratly under their control both country's claim the island as their own. It will be very interesting to see further development of this situation.