Friday, February 24, 2012

Key West

Key West is located approximately 4 hours from Miami. The road is a two-lane highway one way in one way which. A hurricane evacuation can be quite hectic.

Key West is the furthest southern point in the United States if you would proceed any further you would end up on the island of Cuba. Key West is actually closer to Cuba than the Florida mainland.

It is really a pleasant drive down to Key West as you go through the entire Florida Keys you can find many beautiful beaches and restaurants along the way. Once you arrive in Key West you find a very laid back atmosphere.

Once there you can visit the home of the most famous resident of Key West the writer Ernest Hemingway. His home is well preserved and very interesting to visit you won't be disappointed. The main tourist area in Key West is Duval Street which consist of souvenir shops and bars. If you leave the main drag you will get a real feeling of the atmosphere of Key West which is really a laid-back and mellow pace of life. You don't really need to rent a car while staying on the island as they are many bicycles and motorbikes rentals to choose from and is a great way to get around with little stress. So check with your travel agent for package deals to the exotic Florida Keys.