Monday, April 30, 2018

Cat Island MS.

Map showing both marine and terrestrial core locations on and around Cat Island Cat Island is a barrier island off the Gulf Coast of the United States. This island was named by the Spanish, who mistakenly took raccoons for cats. Thus, you get the name Cat Island because they were so many raccoons there.

Many people like to visit Cat Island  for a day of fishing  and picnicking, but also they are many  who like to camp out for several days  as it is a beautiful spot.  Many people do not know this there is a house  on Cat Island that you can rent it will sleep up to  12 people, but they actually recommend only ten.  The house is a private residence it has, two master suites , a loft and a large living area  with kitchen.

The island has some of the best fishing you can find around this area, probably in the whole state. It is famous for redfish, speckled trout, and also flounder you may fish for them whenever and however you want to. Many people say this is the best fishing spots in the whole world that I will leave up to you to determine after your visit. It is also known for other species of fish, such as white trout, black drum and sharks. So if you're looking for a unique vacation you might want to try Cat Island.