Saturday, July 28, 2012

The island of Manhattan

The island of Manhattan is located primarily at the mouth of the Hudson river and is the most densely populated and oldest of five boroughs of the city of New York. The population of the island is 1,585,875 living in a land area 22 mi.². It is also the home of the United Nations.

The famous Waldorf-Astoria hotel is also located in Midtown Manhattan. The hotel is a famous landmark , located on Park Avenue.. This legendary New York hotel combines the splendor of the past with the latest technology and modern amenities of the future. The price range of the hotel run from $359 a night to 1500. When visiting the island of Manhattan you will discover many different cultures. For example on the upper East side you will find Little Italy the East Village have long been associated with the bohemian culture where Chelsea is a neighborhood with a large gay population. Let us not forget Chinatown. Check with your travel agent about package deals to New York City.