Thursday, September 13, 2012

Island of Minorca

The island of Minorca is a Spanish island located off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.

The name actually means island smaller than Majorca. The depopulation is about 94,000 the climate is very nice, mild most of the year around. Many foreign tourists purchase summer homes on the island. The island is known for its collection of stone monuments, which means there was a very early prehistoric human activity. The island has a mixture of local and colonial architecture. You will not find the hustle and bustle on the island like you would on Majorca. Many visitors to the island prefer to camp out, rather than go to a hotel. If you're looking for a beautiful Mediterranean island with clear blue green water, white sandy beaches this island will be a paradise to you. There are many good travel packages available through your travel agent to the island. So check with them for a package deal for a summer vacation or a Mediterranean honeymoon.