Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Pine Key

If you need a break from this overcrowded world and are weary of all the crazy things going on in it. If you need an escape the islands of the lower keys are for you. Let me recommend Big Pine Key here you can snorkel or dive over the Looe Key coral reef or ride a bicycle through deer country or just go fishing in the back country you may like to try to troll the beautiful blue waters beyond the reef.

The Florida Keys are located about four hours from Miami. Once you cross over the 7 mile Bridge it is an area made up of small resorts quaint restaurants family homes and a untamed wilderness with a rich history not to mention some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with a world-class sunset. No matter what you are looking for the lower keys have it tiki bars, campgrounds, beautiful resorts or vacation homes or if you have an RV great parks with magnificent views. The smell of mangroves and the wetlands are not far away so check out the lower keys I think you will be pleasantly surprised.