Sunday, July 31, 2011

Be Aware of your Surroundings

I enjoy traveling and writing about different exotic places in the world especially islands. I think while traveling to these faraway places you must really be aware of your surroundings and always on guard.

On Sunday while reading my paper I came across an article about to French tourist both of them women brutally murdered in Salta, Argentina my sympathies and condolences go out to the victims and their families. These two young women in their 30s were hiking in the mountains and enjoying the beauty of Argentina. But you have to remember there are always monsters out there waiting for their opportunity to strike. That is why you must be aware of your surroundings when visiting some of these third world countries like traveling in groups or with male counterparts. So my friends don't be afraid to travel the world and visited exotic place just be careful and keep one eye open at all-times.