Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The city of Manila the Philippines

When flying to the Philippines I have heard horror stories about the main airport in Manila. From my experience I found these to be untrue. From my touchdown in the Philippines through baggage and customs I think it took me 15 min. I found the people to be very friendly and helpful something you don't find in many airports in the United States.

If you are staying in Manila for a few days before traveling on through the many islands of the Philippines which are approximately 7001 there are some very good hotels especially near the American Embassy they could run approximately 40 or $50 a night. This is a good area is close to the nightlife and many restaurants.

From your hotel you might want to take a short taxi ride to the Mall of Asia I think this is rated as one of the largest malls Asia. This mall as a variety of stores including many found in the United States such as the Gap, Victoria's Secret and many more name brands. It is a very large mall that you can spend hours in with many small unique restaurants and shops. For a very pleasant traveling experience be sure to include the Mall of Asia in your travel plans when visiting Manila in the Philippines.