Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong is noted for its skyline an harbor among other things. It is really the gateway to China as from the city you can connect to almost any destination in the vast country.

Generally the climate of Hong Kong is mild and can be visited all year long. If you visit between a months of May to September it can be very hot and humid. The reason for this is that most of the rainfall falls during these months.

Most visitors from different countries can visit Hong Kong without a visa for a period of 72 to 180 days. It depends on your nationality so you can check with your local State Department or contact Hong Kong immigration Department to see whether you would need a visa or not.

The island of Hong Kong is very compact so you are always close to shopping areas and many attractions. It will be easy to get around because there is easy accessible cheap transportation throughout the city. The city has an excellent public transportation system and you will have your choice of the Metro, trains, and buses. As there are many waterways in Hong Kong you will also have a choice of water taxis and fairies. The signs in the city are in English and Chinese.

There is free Wi-Fi service at the airport, in many government buildings such as the public library, and in many coffee shops. Most hotels have broadband Internet access also.

Hong Kong is considered one of the safest cities in the world even at night you may wander around without fear of becoming a crime victim. Another benefit is English is spoken in many places in Hong Kong such as hotels ,shops, restaurants, and even in some taxis so if you are looking for a safe and exotic vacation check with your travel agent about the various programs offered by hotels on the island of Hong Kong.