Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Camping in Afghanistan

When planning your summer vacation to Afghanistan unfortunately you will not be able to go to the beach as the country is landlocked.

However you might want to go camping on the banks of the Kabul River. While selecting your campsite you might want to pick the beginning of the river or you might end up in a salty swamp. When camping in Afghanistan you will not find a RV park or campgrounds of America.

You must be very careful when selecting your campsite make sure that is not located in the middle of a minefield. The Afghans are very environmental friendly if you have to use the restroom you simply go to the nearest set of bushes and do your business this will help to fertilize the soil where the locals can grow their tomatoes. Don't worry about being a litterbug is there is no toilet paper you can use very large plants that grow on the riverbank. You get a real feel for the countryside as many of the locals live on the riverbank make sure you do not infringe on their spot as they may shoot you. Check with your local travel agent about vacation packages for campers.