Monday, June 18, 2012

The Canary Islands

Canary Island Location: the Canary Island are located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa
the Canary Islands consists of seven large islands.

Largest island: the largest island of the Canary's isTenerife

Tenerife: 786 mi.² population 665,000.

Smallest Island: El Hiero: 104 mi.² population 8300

Total population of the Canary Islands is 1,600,000. Total size of the islands 2875 mi.²

Climate: tropical climate and maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire year.

The Canary Islands belong to Spain.

Beaches: miles of golden sandy beaches rated some of the best in the world. Plunging cliffs to quiet coves and deserted beaches the choice is yours. Be sure to check with your travel agent for package deals to the Canary Islands.