Saturday, August 18, 2012

Corrigidor Island

Corrigidor is an island in the Philippines, located at the mouth of Manila Bay in southwestern Luzon. It is the largest island that form the defense for Manila Bay.

During the second world war, the island played an important role during the liberation invasion to take back the Philippines from the Japanese. I remembered my uncle telling me about this Island while he was assigned here. The island was heavily bombarded during the second world war and the ruins of war were left standing to serve as a memorial for the soldiers who lost their lives in this island. It is a very important historical site and is visited by many tourist. There is a huge national cemetery for the Americans that died on this island.

The island today is visited by many World War II veterans because of his history and importance. There are several companies that offer tours on the island featuring military installation that were used during World War II in fact, you can still see many of the bombed out structures as they have not been restored and were left this way to honor the Filipino and American soldiers. Standing on the highest point of the island is the Pacific War Memorial. It was built by the United States to honor the Filipino and American soldiers who participated in World War II.

There is an eternal flame located behind the memorial that symbolizes the freedom for which the soldiers fought and died.

If you want a memorable experience, visit the island of Corregidor in the Philippines. There is a popular hotel called Corregidor Inn and has about 30 rooms and one suite. All rooms are air-conditioned and you may have lunch at the the La Playa restaurant. It has a very nice and relaxing atmosphere.

The Hotel Corregidor is also a fine hotel to stay and their restaurant serves many local dishes which I am sure you will enjoy. Check with your travel agent about historical tours and package deals to the island of Corregidor.