Monday, August 12, 2013

Bay Bridge on Highway 90

The bridge that spans the Biloxi Bay between Biloxi and Ocean Springs on Highway 90 is really a great improvement from the old bridge that was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. The bridge is very impressive when you approach it from either side. The middle span of the bridge rises to over 90 feet high allowing large boats or barges to pass underneath with no problem. The old bridge that was destroyed was a drawbridge that would have to be open for large tugboats or shrimp boats.

I was also impressed with the walkway that was built on the bridge allowing pedestrians to walk or jog across. I have traveled on this bridge at many different times of the day from early morning to late at night and have always seen people walking across in all kinds of weather. Many charitable organizations also use the bridge for jogging events. The bridge can be seen from the hotels of many of the casinos and is quite an impressive sight at night with all the lights they have on it. So if you're in the area of Biloxi or Ocean Springs, MS and want to have an enjoyable walk or jog, check out the Bay Bridge I'm sure you will enjoy it.