Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mall of Asia

If you are visiting the Philippines and happened to be in Manila maybe you're feeling a little homesick we have just the cure for you. Take a taxi and tell the driver to drop you off at the Mall of Asia. You will feel like you are back in the good old USA.
The Mall of Asia is the second largest mall in the Philippines and the third largest shopping mall in Asia. It covers an area of 42 acres the average daily foot traffic is about 200,000 people.

The mall includes branches of all the standard stores that you would find in any supermall. Many American companies such as Mc Donalds the Gap and even Victoria's Secret are located in the Mall of Asia if that doesn't cure your homesick nothing will. The Jolly bee the Philippine version of McDonnell and also Yellow Cab Pizza can be found there these are unique little restaurants that I'm sure you will enjoy I know I did.

This mall also has an IMAX theatre which has one of the world's biggest screens. There is also six regular movie theaters like you would find in the United States. Also located in the mall is an Olympic size skating rink which can accommodate recreational skaters and also where ice hockey is played. There is also an open air music Hall that faces the sea for your enjoyment.

So don't just sit around your hotel room watching television pay a visit to the Mall of Asia there are so many activities it will take a lease a couple of days to enjoy them all.