Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Bogus Cruise

If you have been contacted by mail or even e-mail that you have won a free cruise beware of these offers generally there is no such thing as a free cruise. Many times the people offering this free cruise will tell you it is a promotional ticket offered by the cruise company.

Generally with this scam you will be informed that all you have to do is pay a $99 processing fee. This could actually be a scheme to steal your personal information or sell you a cruise that does not exist. The best way to combat this is just say no.

An easy way not to be ripped off is do not rush in to making a deal. Take the time to verify the offer by calling the cruise line. Pay by credit card never with cash or check this will offer some kind of protection in case this is a bogus offer. Insist on paying the cruise line directly never to a travel agent. Be sure to use a reputable travel agent that has references that can be checked. It's a jungle out there so be careful.