Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monster in the deep

The Philippine Islands is a beautiful place known for its sandy white beaches and great scuba diving and swimming.

Can you imagine while taking a relaxing dip in the beautiful Clear water surrounding the Philippines running into this guy! Wow this 21 foot 2000 lb. saltwater crocodile was captured in the southern Philippines alive. It is probably one of the largest crocodiles to be captured alive. It took 100 people to pull the over 2000 pound crocodile from the water to a waiting crane which lifted it into a truck. This crocodile was suspect in the killing of a local fisherman and was also seen attacking and killing a water buffalo. The area that the mammoth crocodile was caught in was similar to our Florida Everglades and not a place where tourists or locals would actually be swimming and enjoying their vacation thank God for that.

They are planning to put the massive croc in ecotourism park where I'm sure it will be the star attraction. The local villagers said they are glad to be rid of this monster but are very leery because there are two more massive croc's lurking in the area. They have been warned to stay away from the marshy areas especially in the evening hours until they can be also caught. I'm definitely glad this is not my job but my hat is off to the brave hunters who protect their villages by capturing these monsters.