Monday, September 12, 2011

Vacation Homes

You are dreaming of a exotic vacation on a faraway island but after checking the prices with your travel agent you are getting very discouraged. There is a way to make your dream come true the secret is you have to be flexible. Instead of booking a hotel room you might think about a vacation home. The secret to this is to travel with someone who you trust and enjoy being around so you can't share the expenses.Let us take the island of Fiji for example. A vacation home can be rented on Fiji for as low as $200 a night. Even sharing this expense with one or two other people you have cut your bill in half. Many vacation homes come with all the amenities private pools and maid service is not uncommon. Many vacation homes have three bedrooms and at least two bathroom and are located in safe areas. If you rent the vacation home for at least a week there is generally a discount so you could end up paying between $1000 and $1200 for your complete stay of a week. So check with your travel agent to see if they can get the information on a good vacation home on where you are planning to travel. You could save money and have even a more enjoyable vacation.