Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Island Hopping in the Phillippines Part One

Camiguin Island is known as one the most peaceful Islands in the Philippines. Strangers are greeted with hello friend. If you seek an untouched island with a great variety of landscape and very friendly people look no further than the island of Camiguin.

When you arrived by ship from Mindanao or from Cebu City you will be greeted by sandy beaches and high white and black cliffs and towering mountains. The island of Camaiguin is one of the last islands in the Philippines where you may hike threw a real jungle. The island very rarely gets hit by a typhoon in less one is slightly off track. They do have a wet season from December through January.

The island itself has a small amount of land for farming. There are rice fields on the coast. Lanzones and bananas as well as Coconuts grow on the mountainside. Camaiguin island's Lanzones are among the sweetest in the world.

If you are looking for a pollution free environment this island may be for you as there is no industry on the island whatsoever. There is fishing and handicraft items made on the island but that is all. You are not completely isolated their is telephone service also Internet and cell phone service available in most areas. But if you're looking for sandy beaches and enjoy hiking through the jungle or wandering around in the mountains this is definitely the island for you.