Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smallest Island

What is the smallest island in the world? Where is it located? Could it be in the Caribbean, Asia or the Middle East. Actually the smallest island is located off the coast of England in what is known as islands of Sicily.

This island is only 50 m² and is uninhabited except for a lighthouse that is the only building on the island which by the way takes up the entire island. There is another island that some people consider the smallest it is located off the coast of India. This island is called isle of Brahmaputra it is a Rock Island approximately 1 km.

Now I'm really going to confusion there is an island in the Philippines off the coast of Mindoro just a few minutes from San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. This island is so small that only four people can be on it at one time. So I leave the choice up to you the UK, India or the Philippines either way I don't think you'll be taken a vacation there.